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Missing a section in a course

I have a teacher who has 4 sections of a course, she is only able to see 3 of those sections in her course card.  As admin, I can see all 4 sections and they all appear to be the same - why is one section missing?

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Hello Jenn,

By "sections", do you mean 4 separate course shells, or 4 sections cross listed within a single course shell?

Do you see the instructor listed as enrolled with a role of "Teacher" in all four sections?

One course shell - 4 sections of the same course.  The teacher is listed for all 4, but she can only see 3 of them.  Canvas synchs with Powerschool to populate courses and sections & all four sections are correct in Powerschool, so its very strange only 3 appear.  


Community Champion

Hi Jenn,

Just to confirm, when you go to the course in Canvas, do you see the instructor listed as being enrolled as teacher in all 4 sections?   When the instructor looks under Settings > Sections, do they see all 4 sections in Canvas?