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Missing assignment grades "Stick" even after it's handed in?

Hey everyone. Here's my issue.

I like to give a "0" for missing assignments -- it certainly motivates students to get their work in!

What I don't like about Canvas' feature, however, is that grade, "0" or otherwise, will stay there until a grade is applied

Shouldn't Canvas give us the option to have those missing grades revert back to a no-grade state once they're handed in, and then apply any late penalties once the instructor has graded the assignment?

Why must the missing scarlet letter grade stay there even after something has been handed in?

I guess the solution is to give a less harsh grade--a 50% maybe--to missing grades. But that doesn't seem accurate, especially if the assignment is never handed in.

Any thoughts or solutions? 

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I agree completely.  For the time between submission of a missing assignment, and grading of the assignment students are stuck with the lowered grade.  I get nervous messages from some students instantly after a late submission.  "I turned that in! Why is it still a zero?"  A less harsh missing score removes the incentive to complete a missing assignment, so I do not think that is a reasonable solution.  You can manually delete the zero, if you choose after you see the late submission.

This topic would make a good idea conversation.  You can suggest it here: , and after you suggest it, put a link in this topic so that others can find it