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Missing "Start A New Course" Button

I am the new administrator of Canvas in our district.  We allow teachers to create new courses but they are not allowed to add people.  I have a new administrator who does not have the Start a New Course button on his dashboard. It shows for other teachers and administrators. How do get the button on his dashboard?  

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Hi Pam,

I'm not sure why others would have it and not the new admin, but there should be a '+Course', which does the same function, in the upper right hand corner of the 'Courses' page of the Admin panel. The side menu on the 'Dashboard' can be edited via css and/or javascript files, but in any case, the menus should be the same for all users in the same 'role'.

I hope this helps.

I know you answered a while back. Thank you for your feedback!

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Community Team
Community Team

 @pamela_oliver1  Congratulations on your new role as admin! 925024864‌ has given you some great info. I'd add that I think that, since the permission attaches to the instructor role, the new administrator also has to be attached to a course as an instructor before he/she will see the Start a New Course button—and it's my guess that the other admins who are able to see the Start a New Course button are already enrolled in a course or courses as instructors. If that guess is off, I'd recommend asking Canvas Support to look into it.

Thanks so much for your feedback.  We did get this issue resolved.  I apologize for not responding when it was resolved!

Community Team
Community Team

 @pamela_oliver1 , since it's been a while and we haven't heard back from you, we're hopeful that you got this resolved by now. We've marked the question Assumed Answered for the moment and are curious to know what solution ultimately worked. Thanks!

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Thanks, Stefanie!  I did change the role.  We haven't had any others in our district with this issue since the beginning of school.  Again, I should not have been negligent in letting you all know when the issue was resolved.  That was a busy time of year, for sure!