Mistake about final quizz 4

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Hello I would like to retake my last MOOC final quiz 4.
I had a connection problem. Look at my grades from before, 0.5 does not coincide with the understanding of module 4.

my mail : arno.bourassi@essca.eu

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Hi @ArnoBourassi and welcome to the Canvas Community. You've actually posted your question to a worldwide community where users from different institutions discuss their experiences of using Canvas. This means community members don't have access to systems at specific schools/colleges so we can't advise on whether you will be able to retake this quiz. You need to reach out to your teacher or a Canvas administrator at your college. You should be able to do this through Canvas - on the help menu on the lefthand side you will see a link to "Ask Your Instructor a Question" which will let you contact the course teacher.

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