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Moderated Grading for placement exam

We are currently hoping to use Moderated Grading for our new student Placement exams.    Each subject will have it's own course (French, Spanish, Math, etc) and for all of the language exams, we are using Quizzes, which also include some essay work.   We would like the faculty in the Spanish group to use the Moderated Grading tool to collaborate on the course placement, with the team leader making the final placement call.  Is anyone else doing something like this?

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That seems similar to a way we would like to use it, however, I need more than 2 reviewers.  I need 3 reviewers plus a moderator/final arbiter of the grade.

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Hey Beth,

Wondering if you've gone live with this way of placement testing? If so, are you using moderated grading for your quizzes?