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Modules won't show in Navigation

An instructor called for help with an issue that (so far) I've not been able to find documentation for.  The problem went away -- but I'd like to know if anyone can point me to official guidance on this.

Problem: Modules not showing in Navigation (student view)

Modules have an invisible icon next to them (instructor view)

Confirmed: Modules are in the navigation in Settings

Confirmed: Modules and all contents are published -- green check-mark icons everywhere.

Observation: Modules contain discussions and pages.

Solution (though I don't know why):

Added 'Pages' to the Navigation.  Once that was done, modules started showing-up in navigation as well.

In my own test course -- I could not reproduce this issue.  Very curious if anyone has experienced this or has any wisdom on it.

Thank you!

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @crookd1  Welcome to the Canvas Community! This is not expected behavior; the Pages link does not need to be enabled in the course navigation in order to enable the visibility of Modules. Has the instructor asked Canvas Support to have a look?

Thank you Stephanie! I appreciate the response.

I'll bring this up with our Canvas admins on campus here.