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Moodle to Canvas

I have a faculty member that is reporting quizzes that were migrated from Moodle to Canvas is not importing quiz options for the "Select All That Apply" option for their quiz. Is there another way to import quizzes from Moodle to Canvas that will include these options?  Has anyone experienced this same issue?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @kread23 

Canvas does have Select All that Apply: This is not an "all or nothing" to get points. Students will get credit for what they get correct--so if there are two correct answers and they only select one of them correctly, you will get scores that are decimals.  Moodle on the other hand, if I am reading their documentation correctly has an all or nothing "Check all that Apply" question option.  Because of this it would make sense to me that "Check all that Apply" questions may not import correctly to Canvas.