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Moving a course from the admin area to the dashboard so teachers can assign to students

(Beginner alert) I created a course in the admin area that is intended for for instructors to use with students. Did I create it in the wrong space? Can I move it to the dashboard so instructors can assign it to students? 

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@ScottWolla1  Unless the free version is different or I am misunderstanding your question, you just need to add the people that you want as "teachers" to the course and then it will show on their dashboards.  There is not a process to "move" anything as there is no need for it.  Everything is driven by enrollments in the course and the role of those enrollments.  So, adding someone as a "teacher" to a course is how you make them a teacher in Canvas and that is also how you give them ownership to a course.

-Hope this helps!


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Community Coach

Hello there, @ScottWolla1 ...

I totally agree with @nwilson7.  There is no "moving" of courses to the Dashboard because that all happens with enrollments in those courses.  Typically, people will first be created as "users" in Canvas.  Then, once those users are created in Canvas, you can then enroll those people in courses.  It's entirely possible that a user could be a student in one course yet also be a teacher in another course.  (For example, a professor was teaching a course in her field of study but then also taking a completely different course not in her main field as a student.)  This link will provide you with a lot of great information about adding users at the account level.  You can also add users, course shells, etc. via SIS import, too.  And finally, as Nick hinted at, you can also manually add students and instructors directly to the course by going to the "People" page of the course and enrolling them there.  (I like to make sure that they are first users in our Canvas system first, though.)  How do I add users to a course? - Canvas Community.

Before checking out all these Guides that I've linked to, however, you might want to check out a few short tutorial videos.  Here are ones that will be of help to you:

I hope these extra resources will be of help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this information...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.