Multiple Alignments on a Single Assignment

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I am wondering is it possible to have multiples of the same outcome aligned with one assignment and recorded using the 'n-number of times' calculation method?

For instance, say I have an outcome called A1 - Adding Two Single Digit Numbers and I want to give a quiz that looks like 

Quiz 1

A1: 2+5

A1: 3+7

A1: 5+1

A1: 5+0 

A1: 7+2

I would want to see that a student that has gotten all 5 has met A1 5 times and has mastered objective A1. 





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Hello @gdk5028 


If I am understanding correctly, it seems like you might benefit from being able to align an outcome to an individual question. With New Quizzes that is possible, while Classic Quizzes you align outcomes to the question bank.


If your institution has New Quizzes enabled, you might consider checking out the guide here for How do I align an outcome to a quiz question in New Quizzes. You can align an outcome to each question and gauge the student's ability using that outcome for each question.

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