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I have just finished writing my first quiz on Canvas.  When I was writing it, it always asked me to give the right answer first.  But now when I preview my work, the right answer is still always the first one in the list.  Is that how the students will see it?  I was thinking Canvas would randomize them for me - but maybe I have to do it.  Someone please tell me if I have to retype them in randomized order.

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Hi  @john_mccoy  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

When building multiple choise item, Canvas does indeed default to the first answer option as the correct option, but as shown in the following guide you can select whichever item as the correct response. 

You do have an option to randomize the answers on each item, and that would be the easiest fix.  Keep in mind that this will not work for responses like A & C, All of the above etc.


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