Multiple course cross-listing

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I am trying to cross-list my courses together for my teachers.  I am able to cross list two classes together, but will not allow me to cross list a third.  My teachers teach 4-5 of the same exact class.

Once I cross list the first class, it only has an option to either de-crosslist or to re-cross list.

If I de-cross list - it takes away the first cross listing that I did.

If I re-corss list - it takes away the first cross listing that I did and replaces it with the third course.

If I cross-list the first section to the second, and then the second to the third, it doesn't actually combine them.  I have read all types of reviews and questions, and nothings seems to help.  There was one that said to follow the same instructions as before...but it won't keep the first cross-listing that I do.

I hope that this makes sense.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I also have another question.  

I have elementary teachers that teach the same subject to difference classes.  They want to be cross-listed so that they only have to post their information once, but it goes to both their students, and the other teachers students.  Is this a possibility?  And if this is a possibility, how do I make sure that the correct teachers has the correct class that was cross-listed to them?