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Multiple graders cannot use rubric in Speedgrader

Is there a change in the way rubric grading works within Speedgrader so that multiple graders can no longer grade different parts of an assignment?  

In the past (as late as October/November 2017) it was no problem for each grader to select a grade from the rubric. The assignment points would be the total of these grades.

However, now when grader one goes to grade problem 1 of the assignment where problem 2 has already been assessed by different grader two, the first grade disappears from the rubric.

We always ensure that the two graders are not grading the same assignment at the same time.  Interestingly, the comments from each grader do not disappear, only the grade chosen from the rubric.

Is there a workaround to this issue? Anyone else experienced the same thing?

Thank you for any feedback

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Looks like I don't even have the option to select "Moderated Grading" when setting up the assignments:

292924_Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 4.12.19 PM.png

But I think that this seems like it shouldn't make a difference because we don't want multiple TAs grading the same questions - rather they are grading different questions on the same problem set (ie. TA #1 grades Q1 for all students, TA #2 grades Q2 for all students, etc).

Having multiple TAs grade at the same time wasn't an issue when they entered scores for each question individually when the assignment was set up as a quiz (where each question had to be inputted individually). It seems like there shouldn't be a vastly different result when the scores are entered into a rubric rather than for individual questions on the quiz (especially as the information already entered is retained in the "View rubric" edit mode and can then be supplemented by the addition of other scores and comments for the other questions).

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We have encountered the same problem but have found a bit of a work-around.

1- When 2 TA's have the same SpeedGrader page open for the same student at the same time: If the first TA adds a grade to the Rubric Problem 1 criterion and clicks "Save" and later the second TA adds a grade to the Rubric Problem 2 criterion and clicks "Save", only the second grade is recorded (because the second TA has saved a grade of "nothing" for problem 1).

2. When 2 TA's have the same SpeedGrader page open for the same student at the same time: If the first TA adds a grade to the Rubric Problem 1 criterion and clicks "Save" and later the second TA clicks their browser's "Refresh", they will see the first grader's mark for Problem 1. If the second TA (after a page refresh) adds a grade to the Rubric Problem 2 criterion and clicks "Save", both grades are saved.

I made this short video demonstrating how using the "refresh" when having multiple graders use a rubric works. I used a free-form rubric with points but the other type of rubric works the same.

I have added a feature request in community which I think describes what we want. Please feel free to vote it up if you agree. 

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Hi all. You may find this useful. I created a browser enhancement, driven by TamperMonkey, that allows you to save just one row of a rubric at a time, thus allowing multiple graders to work simultaneously as long as they're each assigned different rows to grade. Check out the install guide and let me know if you have any feedback: Save Rubric Row

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Does anyone happen to know whether this has been solved? We ran into this issue today and I stumbled upon this thread. Also, @JamesAshby , I'm having trouble getting your script to run. I'm wondering whether this is because I'm in Canada using a .ca domain rather than .com. Anyway, I'm keen on finding a solution to this. Thanks!

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@jeff_quinlan yep, that would do it. To fix: After installing the script, click the TamperMonkey icon in the upper right corner of your browser and choose Dashboard. Then click the Save Rubric Row script. Near the top of the script, look where it says '// @include https://*.*  ..." Change the domain here to match your school's domain and then go File > Save. Make sure you leave the rest of the line, including "/courses/*/gradebook/speed_grader?*", as it is.