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I teach 4 sections of the same class.  I cross-listed periods 3,7,8 into section 1.  I published section 1.  Only my students in section 1 can see the course.  None of the students in sections 3,7,8 can see it.

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Hi  @agustafson1   - Are all of the students from all sections listed on the section 1 PEOPLE page?  If so, what you describe is pretty unusual, since section dates should automatically follow the term dates of the course.  I would start by double-checking some of the things outlined in this online lesson:  There are things that can go wrong with cross-listing, and for that reason many institutions (including my own) do not allow faculty to cross-list on their own.  You didn't conclude any of the sections before cross-listing, did you?  That may be another issue.

Ultimately, you may very well have to get your local institution's Canvas support folks involved. Any number of a cocktail mix of term dates or section dates could be coming into play here, as well as any integration (or not) of a student information system.  Check that document first; check the dates, but then you may need to get some help locally.

I hope this helps a bit, Amy.

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