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Multiple submissions for feedback in one place


I like to use Canvas for the teacher feedback process - very important in student learning. I recently found out that students can only see the latest version, so if a teacher has left feedback on a first draft, this is lost to the student but available to the teacher. If the teacher can see it. I can't see why the student shouldn't be able to also.

It has been suggested that I set up multiple tasks but this is very clunky since the tech is available for teachers to see the multiple versions already. 

Currently Canvas caters very poorly to this aspect of teaching and learning - the comment boxes are also messy in the student view. Why can't students see a similar interface to what we see?



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@RebeccaBirch Canvas has made some progress towards this with the recent release of the "reassign" option:

Your point is still valid though of the students do not get to see comments and everything for the whole process.  I am just guessing here but maybe that was maybe so each submission is a "fresh" submission as if I gave you a new paper that was physically on paper (while I may still have my original copies) that piece of paper would only have the most recent comments.  Again, purely a guess.

While the multiple tasks will work, you are correct, it requires more setup.  Do you happen to be a Google School?  If your institution is a Google School and your students get Google accounts, you can add the Google LTI 1.3 which will allow for a lot more back and forth with a google doc for students/teachers.

This is one way we have accomplished more of a draft process and it also give faculty a lot more insight into student progress as they are able to see what the students is doing.