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Must have at least one redirect_uri defined when adding a LTI key

When adding an LTI Key in the Developer keys section, I am receiving an error "Must have at least one redirect_uri defined.". What could be the reason for receiving this error?




Public JWK:

"description":"1.3 Test Tool used for documentation purposes.",
"text":"User Navigation Placement",


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In your screenshot the you have the whole tool configuration in the Public JWK field, but it should be something like:

"kty" : "RSA",
"e" : "AQAB",
"use" : "sig",
"kid" : "lti-jwt-id",
"alg" : "RS256",
"n" : "gPOu7BpVd06XplDNZUVKXd-59CLiQJM6ELzT5erke1XKzz7lC-3-3Z0DVh1arw_JNC0D9VqIRtRwglo-7GpX_yU0CggvsQ6Vq2_n0lqay0PTLgIVQdvXhABxlYHe56SHyP4_wmQubvYV92Z7s7L8Uqq87EkZ0IhduJCg18EdesM6KuQAlzb_s_eOTUibqXRYZdTR1hmxIEYvn9EjupqhRtGqqIaVEvXOJxzcm40IKnuAy9zBUyWb4nF6eaz3bGxHb-_k1Rc4ZAX5nI6TWZIiNB8hYENyuwLXvSYZ-gJEUuA4ZAdsCrEhIkZiLtrWAID0BxGZorPWhqqKwWVddv5Z5Q"

If you aren't using any LTI advantage services (eg Names and Roles Provisioning Service) then you don't need to have a value Public JWK, as the tool launch doesn't use this part of the configuration.