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My students can't see images embedded in my quiz?

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I have created a quiz with images embedded in the question taken from my "files".  I can see the images when I preview the questions but my students can't - why is that?


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Hello Ms. Gallagher,

If your students are on the same devices and some can see the images while others can't my biggest suspicion is that some of them are using up to date web browsers and some are not.  If you would like to DM me the names of some of the ones who cannot, I'd be happy to check for you.

 @scottdennis ‌ may have the answer about different versions of browsers being on the lab computers.  Are these PCs or Macs?  iOS 13 seems to have a problem with some png files.

Also of some kind of freeze isn't in effect, there might be some browser settings that got changed on some machines even if it is the same version of browser.

I embed two photos in a discussion and I am able to see the photos from my view but when I check the student's view I received two locks.  Here is a screenshot.345641_locks.png

Hi Michelle, lock usually means students don't have permission to view a file.  How did you insert them, did you upload to your Course Files area using the content selector?  Are the image files published? This thread has some good recommendations about re-uploading the images to your course files area and then re-linking in the discussion.  (It's the same process, quiz or discussion) 

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Hi community! I have been struggling with this same issue and going round and round to figure out a solution. Tonight I moved my images all to the homeroom tab and all of a sudden every locked image became visible. I'm not sure if that will solve your problem, but it is worth a try!346144_Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 8.07.59 PM.png

Hi Amanda,

Is is possible that when your images were in the subfolders they weren't published?

course files area

Hey Scott, I checked every possible suggestion in the message feed prior to

moving everything to the main homeroom folder. So, yes, they were

published. I deleted and re-uploaded them as a different file, and then

tried linking them.The only thing that worked was moving them out of the

subfolders and using the homeroom folder. It was so weird!

On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 8:25 AM <

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This is where the missing piece was:  I provided screen shots.

This is the first part of the tutorial.

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I had this issue happen to me just now. My student said that "A little square box with a question mark appears in place of the image"

I thought maybe it is the size, but then there were some included that were fairly small. The images she couldn't see were mix of png and jpg. One image was linked with a previous course. 

She was using safari browser on a Macbook Air. 

So I told her to use a private window and try that. And that worked! So it must be a cache issue... 

Also, I should mention that she ended up getting a 10/10 so that means no matter the type of image, she was able to see them all after using the private window/incognito mode. 

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I had this problem today in a quiz - 1 student out of 16 could not see the images or the formulas I had typed using the equation editor in the Canvas window itself.  This has never happened in one of my classes before and the student is using the same computer, browser that he did for the last quiz only 2 weeks ago.