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Nearpod draw-it slide in canvas quiz

I am trying to embeded a Nearpod draw-it slide in a Canvas quiz question to have students create a graph.  However, when I preview the quiz and submit an answer the image does not show up.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

HI @Trevor7 I found a Nearpod conversation where a community member, in 2017, said this "

Dear all,

Checked with Nearpod Support, you need a School or District Account. You can copy key and secrete password for LTI APP "NEARPOD" in Canvas.


Paste these when you apply the NEARPOD LTI in your setting.


Add "External Tool" to a new item for a module or unit, select "Nearpod". Then you log in Nearpod within this environment and have to choose the "Lesson" that you want.


You can choose "Live Lesson"or  "Student Pace" for interactive classes or students' revision. Then you can collect report  as if you are using NEARPOD log in (only in School or District modes).


You can embed link of the lesson and paste to any page at HTML mode. However, only Preview for students' reference can be approached and no report can be generated. 


One issue is still unsolved: if you prepared a Canvas Nearpod Live Lesson, for instance, and added other teachers to this course, your colleagues may not be able to use Nearpod in their lessons because the key is different. 

I used an android phone to watch Nearpod Live Lesson and Nearpod Self Paced Lesson. Both showed error message, either.

Still need to fix these new issues.

However, the complementary functions of Canvas and Nearpod brings light to a complete solution for e Learning.



Could that be your issue?