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Need 4 options for Mastery!

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Mastery Paths or conditional access for 4 streams ?

I'm creating a course on communications styles, which include 4 options:





I have different content aligned to each of these modules.

When I setup Mastery Paths and use a 'pre-path' quiz, I'm only presented with 3 options for Mastery?

Are there any alternatives or suggested work-arounds for this? Or was Mastery really only designed for beginner, intermediate and expert? That seems a bit restrictive!

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Hi Doug,

Unfortunately at the moment you are limited to 3 options as specified in this document https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10442-4152668299 

However you could set it up that there is an initial split into two paths, then they split farther into two more oaths giving you the four over all if the initial part of two are similar enough. 

Hope this helps, and sorry for it not being the answer you were looking for.


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