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I need a bit of help with rubrics.  I created this rubric for a lab report.


I then realized I forgot the last criterion, added it and though I could drag it up under the "question" criterion.  I can't figure out how to do that. 

Question 1:  Do I have to start over and retype the whole thing?

Question 2:  Once created, I will use the same rubric in another course, is there a way to transfer a rubric to another course?

As always you guys are great, thanks!

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Notice the big X in the red circle at the top. That means the code is invalid. You have somehow dragged the last line of the code to the top.

The })(); should be at the very bottom. The script needs to start with // ==UserScript

Also, you're using an older version of the script. Check out the latest version on GitHub. The rowSorter library is no longer needed.

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