Need more detail about quiz activity log

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My institution has no way to submit feedback directly to the Canvas developers and our IT support has not been able to offer help for my issue. I have a student claim that only one (of 40) responses were recorded on a Canvas Quiz. The log is strange (but then again I find these logs to be pretty inscrutable) but shows one question answered initially and then one question answered near the end of the 110 minute time limit. Is it possible that Canvas servers did not record this student's answers? My understanding is that once a student clicks on, say, a multiple choice radio button, that response is recorded on the servers and in not something stored locally (or is it buffered?). I have attached the log. I can provide more detail if there are is something more informative in other logs on Canvas servers. Besides this student, I am getting lots of emails about internet hiccups etc. and students wondering if their work was recorded or sometimes claiming it wasn't. It would be helpful to know how these quizzes are handled in this regard. However this student appears to be an outlier. I know our online homework system autosubmits responses as students work and so the likelihood of something be lost due to internet issues is low.