Need to register app and use OAuth for this?

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I am developing my own app in order to let students that visit our site to enroll in courses in our account.

When they fill out a form in our site, they will be automatically become users in our account ( if they are not yet so ), and will be automatically be registered for the course they want.

This will be an app in our site. 

For now, I am using an access token that I obtained from our account ( I am an admin ).

Do I need to register the app and use OAuth? Since It is our account and the students only fill out a form, I was not sure if I need register it. ( the app is just few pages of code that I wrote in the site ).

Will appreciate the answer



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Thank you for pointing people to this other topic!  Much appreciated!   @asalma , since you have already posted this question in the Canvas Developers group, I am going to lock this question and ask that people follow the link that Peter provided.  That way, we keep all conversations in one spot rather than two different (but similar) topics.

And, as a side note, Arie, it's not necessary for you to post the same question two different places.  If you post your question to the general "Ask Questions" / "Q & A" space, we can then share it to different groups ... such as Canvas Developers‌ ... so that your question gets additional exposure.  I hope this helps, Arie.

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