Nesting Blackboard folders in modules

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Canvas imported all of my Blackboard folders as modules. How do I nest folders within modules. It appears you can only reorder them.

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 @thomas_mawhinne , greetings! I'll be honest that I'm not that familiar with Blackboard, but I am pretty familiar with Canvas! Canvas doesn't have folders for it's Modules (folders only exist in the Files area), so I'm not sure what you are doing when you reorder them. Do you mean you can only reorder the Modules? If so, then yes, you can reorder the Modules, but you can't nest folders or content in the Modules. There is a feature idea for something similar to this that is currently on Product Radar. My recommendation is to read through it and then vote and comment if you feel this feature would be helpful for you - 

Hope this helps!


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