New Canvas BUG with Website URL submission via LTI

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I have a custom canvas plug-in that uses LTI to submit URLs. The plug-in has been working great for 2.5 years and has gone through 100,000+ submissions by 100s of students. 

However, since Sept 29 2021 (around 6 PM EST) the submission started failing with the error message -- "Invalid submission file type", even though the assignment settings is to submit "Website URL". Specifically, even though the submission type is "Website URL", it is still calling isValidFileSubmission (in which is failing (due to some cached settings with restricting file types). However, that check should never be used because the submission type is "Website URL". This behavior is a bug that started rearing its ugly head since Sept 29 2021 (around 6 PM EST). 

It looks like this is a new bug that has recently rolled out onto Canvas. It must be breaking other LTI's as well. 

I am not sure where to report bugs in Canvas, but I thought I would start here. I will be thankful if someone directs me to the correct forums to reach Canvas developers to fix this issue.

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