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What will happen to individuals who have not moved to the New Gradebook on the 18th? Will Canvas automatically cut over to the New Gradebook that day? I'm trying to minimize my faculty getting scared with the gradebook changing mid semester. There will be a few that will fall through the cracks from the advance warning that I've been doing.

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My assumption is that yes, they will automatically get switched over on that date.  Based on pass feature option changes like this; it will essentially be the same thing as if you were to right now go to the New Gradebook feature option and change it from Off or Allow, to On.  On the 18th it should get moved automatically to On and you won't have the ability to change it.  

If you want to see the affect you can probably go to your Test or Beta instance of Canvas and switch the feature option to On right now and see how the courses look in those systems.


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