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New Gradebook feature changed

I've been using the New Gradebook for several semesters.  I like that I can set it to deduct so much automatically from student's grades if they submit late.  However, it used to allow me to put in 1.43% per day which comes out to approximately 10% a week.  However, about midway through last semester, it stopped allowing me to customize it like this and will only support whole numbers.  Can this be changed back to allow for decimals and better customization?

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On my gradebook, accessed through Google Chrome on Windows, it allows me to put in 1.43% if I write it somewhere else (new browser tab, text document), and then copy and paste it into the late policy box. I've not had the chance to test if this actually deducts point correctly, but I would assume that it does.

Thank you so much!!! This worked for me. I haven't had a chance to see if it is indeed doing the math correctly, but at least I am able to enter what I want. I'll weigh back in once I see if it deducts correctly.


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Community Team

Our engineers believe this is a bug, as the decimal is being removed. They've created a ticket to address this behavior. Thanks!

Hi Erin! Can you please just clarify, are the engineers fixing this so all can enter a decimal place? or are they removing the ability to enter a decimal place at all? I spoke with the engineers at InstructureCon and we weren't so sure decimals were meant to be there at all, as the late penalty was giving a warning when trying to enter decimals that it only accepts numerical values. 

Hi, Jayde,

They're updating to the previous behavior as noted in this thread. Smiley Happy One of our engineers was looking at this behavior during hack night at InstructureCon and will get back to it as soon as he can.