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New Icons in Beta Global Navigation Menu

Is anyone else experiencing new icons in Beta if you are using custom javascript to add additional links to your global navigation menu? There's a chance we missed something in the release notes, but we noticed this morning that one of our icons has changed (and has also changed in the style guide)... However, it is still fine in Production.


I have double checked the code and our javascript is the same. Anyone else able to replicate/verify? Did I miss a GUI update? Is there a GUI group I've overlooked that I could join to stay up to date on these sorts of updates? Is there a more widespread change and we've only noticed the impact to our menu?


[UPDATE] The Style guide referenced above is deprecated; please see

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Community Champion

Wow you have young eyes to be able to see on your laptop. Smiley Wink

But yeah the max-width difference is definitely noticeable when looked at that resolution. Thanks for pointing it out!

Cheers - Shar

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Kenneth,

You've discovered the week between the last production release notes and the upcoming beta release notes, which is where our engineers are usually finalizing changes in beta. So you may see things change throughout the week as well. So yes, it's usually best to just hang tight until the beta release notes are published so you know what changes are stable and intentional. Smiley Happy 

The maximum width changes are from our New Instructor Tutorials feature as announced in the past few release notes as being enabled for all institutions this release. (Review that behavior in Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-04-22)‌ where it mentions the Dashboard width.) So with the enablement, the change is much more noticeable. We'll be sure to call it out as a reminder in the beta release notes.

Icons and font size changes are obviously new. Combined with the width changes, the UI is significantly more interesting this release. Smiley Wink

Beta notes will be published on Monday, July 3. 

[EDIT: Release notes will now be published on Wednesday, July 5.]



Thanks for the official response, erinhallmark‌! I'd love it if our Beta environments weren't used as playgrounds prior to an upcoming release. Maybe there's a reason for it that I've missed before? 

Nevertheless - thanks again for chiming in!

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Even though the laptop has 4k resolution, I have to set magnification to 250% to read anything and so I had to set the magnification back to 100% to get that image. It was really disappointing to buy it expecting to be able to have really sharp images with the latest technology and fit so much on there, just to find out that none of the apps really supported it and so it's effectively running in 1920x1080 mode. Unfortunately, when I grab a screen with Snagit, it grabs it at the full resolution and so when people view it on normal screen, it's way too large.

Hi,  @kenneth_rogers ‌.

"playgrounds prior to an upcoming release" is the exact purpose of the beta site, which is refreshed weekly. Perhaps you're looking for the test site? Same URL as beta, but with "test" instead of "beta". It's refreshed every three weeks after the production release.

What is the Canvas release schedule for beta, production, and test environments? 

Thanks for the comment,  @nr2522 ‌. Admittedly, we don't use the test environment like we should. I would suspect that's just because of historical usage at our institution and our needs to test features within beta that have a better representation of production.

Maybe I misunderstand the update schedule to beta, but the way I read the release schedule, beta is "reset" each week (with code from prod), but gets new code every three weeks (when we get the release notes and before production). Beta release notes aren't due until next week, so these un-announced UI changes should have been rolled out next week. It's cool if they jump the gun early, just some communication (like what stefaniesanders‌ and erinhallmark‌ did on this discussion) is/was appreciated.

I'm glad that is changing, it causes all sorts of headaches for some types of embedded content such as SCORM and some external LTI tools.  Larger screens which can make use of the space loose out

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 Have issues with the Chrome narrow scrollbars, too. Please let me know if you find a solutions.



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I already found a solution that widens it, right now from 9px to 13px, but I'm trying to find that right balance and wondering if I should completely reset it to the browser's default or leave it narrower and without the arrows at the top and bottom.  The setting it to 13px is just overriding what Canvas set, but I'm pursuing a complete removal option instead of an override. That one is going to take more programming.

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Well, I would say there's a difference between beta being OUR playground prior to prod release, and beta being the DEVELOPERS' playground. The fact that Canvas engineers work on other things that may or may not be included in future release cycles has often been a point of confusion. It's easy to forget - even for us relative old-timers - that beta is not stable until the official Beta Release Notes are out.