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New Quiz Autogrades but "requires review" that is impossible

How do I force a grade to be submitted in New Quizzes when it erroneously determines that the quiz cannot be graded?

I have a quiz that only has autogradable questions (multiple choice, and fill in the blank).  When some students submit the assignment, Canvas reports that the assignment needs review, and won't report a score.  This causes problems with features that require a score to open up future assignments.

If I could just click "score is good, please report, kthx", this wouldn't be a problem, but I can't even override the score within the speedgrader.  The only way to handle it is to open up the speedgrader (which is cumbersome enough for New Quizzes), note their score, exit, enter into the gradebook, find the student and assignment, and manually type in the score.  That works, but is inefficient and defeats the entire point of having autogradable assignments.

What can be done to fix this?

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