New Quiz Settings, Can it be Streamlined?

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Good morning! I am trying to work with New Quiz Assignments and have a lot of trouble between editing settings in the quiz, or in the assignment. During this time of our marking period, I'm spending the bulk of my time either reopening an assignment for a student (changing the due dates) or giving a student a new attempt in the assignment. It is a little frustrating that they are two different locations.


I'm not sure if I am using the feature correctly, but why are there two different locations to edit settings? I can either choose "edit" from the right hand menu, within the list of quizzes. Or, I can visit the "settings" tab after clicking on a specific quiz. Is there a way that that can be streamlined? It seems like I can constantly going to the wrong option, and it is especially clunky because the "return" button brings me back to an entirely new location.


I've also noticed that there are two different locations for changing the amount of attempts, and they can even conflict with each other.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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