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New Quiz/Test - Grading Help

With the new Quiz/Test section in Assignments, I really like the features it gives for assessments but it's missing the Speed Grader ability from the original Quiz section. Is there an easier way to grade these types of quizzes, like Speed Grader? I'm losing track of which student I've graded too since it's not identifiable or regrouping them in any way either. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @aknueven .  It is possible to grade Quizzes.Next assessments using SpeedGrader.  You access SpeedGrader for these assignments through the grades tab.  The document below demonstrates this process.

How do I grade an assessment in Quizzes.Next? 

I hope this helps and best wishes!   

Thank you! This is a step in the right direction! THANK YOU! 

Now my follow up question is that Canvas defaulted the score out of 0 points with the new quiz/test feature. I went in to change the score total out of the new number but the score is not transferring. Is this due to I scored points in the moderate view vs speed grader? 

Hi  @aknueven .  I'm glad that using SpeedGrader will be helpful!

So the quiz you created had a default value of zero points?  This is interesting because in my testing all of the questions default to 1 point each.  Unlike Quizzes Classic, Quizzes.Next has two locations where point values can be determined.  One is when the assignment is first created and the second is in the question values themselves.

A while back I did some testing of various ways that scores are calculated in Quizzes.Next.  I describe what I found here, I wonder if the first assignment value defaulted to zero points.  If this is the case, I would guess that no matter what they received on the quiz itself, the Grades column would show zero.  If this happened, I assume if the overall assignment value where changed, then the the total score awarded to the student would update as well.

Do you know if this may be what is happening?

Hi  @aknueven ‌,

I think what you are asking about is the disconnect between the points set in Canvas and the total points in Quizzes.Next. In Canvas the relationship to a Quizzes.Next assessment is established by setting up an assignment that uses an external tool. The assignment asks you to set the points that you want Canvas to consider in the Gradebook. Once in Quizzes.Next you add questions to the assessment and set the points possible for each question. You can manually set the question point values such that they would match the value of the assignment in Canvas, but we have chosen to not synchronize these.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments