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New Quiz not copying to other courses

Just raising this issue: 

- created a quiz in the blueprint/master course, using New Quiz format.
- synced then checked the derivatives > quiz not copied. (it will show a loop animation and the message "Making a copy of ...")
- eventually it times out and offers to retry or cancel. Retry > same issue.
* New Quiz format worked previously, in the same blueprint & derivatives.
* I have deleted the quiz in blueprint > re-created it > synced > quiz not copied.
* I exported the quiz to Commons, then imported it from there to a derivative. > The quiz in derivative was missing all its questions and needed to be rebuilt from Item Bank. Not a workable solution for multiple derivatives.
> after waiting for over 2 hours > quiz not copied and timed out.
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I am also seeing several problems with New Quiz loss of function. Things that I can't do anymore include migrating a classic quiz to a new quiz format, importing a new quiz into a different course, seeing previously made New Quizzes from past courses (instead I see an icon that resembles a robot on a motorcycle, below- it's not cute). This makes most of the work that I have done in New Quizzes in the past (over a year, dozens of quizzes) inaccessible. Are most functions in New Quizzes now disabled?  New Quizzes only seems useful for making a quiz from scratch in a current course or editing an existing New Quiz that had previously been imported into a current course before these problems arose.


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We are experiencing the same issue! I've logged it but have received no reply as yet. No case to be found on the Dashboard eirther.