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New Quizzes Grading not Working Properly

I have recently started using the New Quizzes in Canvas, and grades are not populating into the gradebook correctly. I have quizzes that allow an unlimited number of attempts and should keep the highest score, but they are not keeping the highest score. I have checked the setting multiple times and I have it set to accept the highest score out of the attempts. I have also checked my late work grading policy and it is not affecting scores of any of the assignments. When clicking on moderate, I can see attempts where students have scored higher than the grade reflected in the gradebook. Dos anybody have a solution for this?

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For further clarification: this issue does NOT occur when I use a classic quiz. 

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Some of our teachers are experiencing the same problem.  We have two open cases with Canvas support at the moment - hoping for a fix soon. 

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This is affecting at least one class for us as well.

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