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New Quizzes Matching Questions: Change answer dropdown if incorrect

I checked around to see if this has already been addressed and couldn't find anything. So not sure if something strange going on or if this is a "feature."

Raised by a student, I note that once an option has been selected for a matching question, it cannot be changed. Even a student who clearly understands and knows the answer can accidentally slip on the mouse and select the wrong response and then wish to change it before moving on to the next question.

But it appears they cannot select an alternative. It just shows the selected option in grey (pictured).



I note that they can select the answer as text, with cursor, delete it, then have the dropdown option populated once again. But it's not immediately obvious that it's possible.

It would be much easier to simply allow the user to choose from the list of possible options.

Can someone confirm if this behaviour is typical of New Quizzes matching?


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Our School of Health Sciences just pointed out this issue to me today. I can't believe it would be intended behavior, but I did share the workaround with them so students won't be so frustrated with it.