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New Quizzes Prev/Next Navigation

According to Canvas Release notes, Previous and Next navigation buttons were to be put in production yesterday? I don't see them added as of this morning. Was there a delay? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @RyanGovreau ...

I looked at the Canvas Release Notes (2021-07-17) - Instructure Community that you refer to.  While there is a section about Module Workflow Improvements to New Quizzes, I do not see any reference in this section about the "Next" and "Previous" buttons.  The table at the top of this section does give a link to a related Feature Idea request, however.  I wonder if Instructure evaluated the Feature Idea (and other considerations) and didn't implement exactly what was requested...but instead developed something that may have met the request in other ways for all users?  That's just a guess on my part, however.

Community Champion

@RyanGovreau and @chofer it looks like the release notes have been updated to say that that feature update is currently unavailable.  Maybe there were issues and it was pulled back???