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New Quizzes & Remote Proctoring Roadmap


We are in the process of transitioning to Canvas from Blackboard Learn. Overall we are thrilled with Canvas. Simultaneously, we had just selected ProctorTrack as a remote proctoring solution for online courses. We have learned that New Quizzes does not allow for third-party proctoring solutions currently (Per this document)

Initially, I determined to just avoid new quizzes and stick with the old. Unfortunately, I learned today that the New Quizzes timeline shows integration with Respondus Lockdown Browser in Q2 of 2020, but no other third party solutions are on the roadmap yet. 

What's more concerning is that the same timeline indicates that old quizzes will no longer be functional by February 2021! Not only will all old quizzes need to be migrated, but if no other third-party proctoring solutions are enabled we are not the only ones who will be in a difficult situation. 

The question: 

What is your school doing about this? Have you found a way to incorporate a third-party proctoring solution with new quizzes? Do you have any recommendations? We are considering making a revised selection of proctoring solutions based on this information but were originally not terribly impressed with the functionality of Respondus over the other players.

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Kate DeMello Thank you for bringing this topic up. I wasn't even aware that there was a roadmap for Respondus Lock Down browser. We use RPNow. I am hoping that we will get more information soon, because we also may need to change our proctoring provider if it won't be usable. This also affects the migration plan. I will be creating a list of which courses we will migrate the quizzes in first, and those that have no proctoring are going to be the priority. Any courses with proctoring will be the last to migrate. We have a lot of work to do to make this happen, and it is very frustrating that we have to plan around all of these roadblocks.