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New Quizzes Test Security

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I have given 2 exams using new quizzes. Both times I have selected a closed date for the test. I allow students to see feedback and incorrect/correct answers with rationale immediately following the exam. I was under the impression that once the test date/time expired this feature was no longer allowed. On both test I have students able to reenter the test, days after it's closed and take screen shots of test questions and answers/feedback. How is this possible?? How is the integrity of the test maintained? How is everyone else adjusting settings in new quizzes to allow results review but prevent the student from reentering and viewing results in the future?

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Community Coach

Hi Amy,

In Canvas with most things when you use Availability Dates, those only refer to when they can take the quiz, or submit an assignment, or post to a discussion.  I believe this is also the case with New Quizzes.  To accomplish what you want, you'll need to go into the quiz and after the time that you want them to review, click on Settings (in the quiz), and then select Restrict student result view and set it for what you want them to be restricted from viewing later.  Unfortunately this is not automated and requires you to make a change at the time you want it to go into affect.  


I know there have been feature requests about having better control over when and how students get to review items so maybe we'll see that feature added in the future. 


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