New Quizzes-unable to store previous attempt answers?

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Hi Canvas Community,

I tried testing the "new quizzes" in canvas i found out that with "essay type questions", canvas sis unable to store the answer from the previous attempt and every time a teacher want as student to edit answer, students has to write the answer from the beginning and the p[previous answer will not be retained. 

Is there anyone else tried using "new quizzes" ? 

Please tell me if there is any way student's previous answers can be stored? 

Thanks for taking time to read it. 

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For an activity where students are asked to edit and resubmit in a new attempt, I suggest using assignments rather than quizzes.  New quizzes does store the previous attempts, and you can view them from the speedgrader or the quiz moderate tab.  However students will need to retype their answer if they need to retake the quiz.

An alternative to retaking a quiz is for you to reopen the prior attempt, because the reopened attempt will include prior responses.  This is available from the moderate button on the moderate tab.  The other settings (like the due date and until date and total time allowed) will still apply, so you will also need to adjust those.  The student's available time on a timed quiz will have stopped at the time recorded on the quiz log (not necessarily the same as the time displayed next to them in the class list, open the log and scroll to the bottom to be certain.  The same menu with the reopen option will also allow you to add time to the attempt.  The time between when they stopped and when you reopen will not count, but the clock will start immediately when you click reopen.  The due and until dates can be set as an exception for each student from the three dot menu of the assignment tab (select edit and then more options to get to the usual choices) you will not see these options anywhere except the assignment tab. 

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