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Need help with the New Rich Content Editor. Each of the following I was able to do in the previous Rich Content Editor, but I cannot determine how to do the same thing in the New RCE, am I missing something or has the ability been removed?

1) Create a hyperlink to a new page (I appear to only have the option to link to an already existing page)

2) Delete all hyperlinks on a page at one time by highlighting using control A to select all and clicking break link (I seem to have to do this one link at a time)

3) I use to be able to embed media into my content page by selecting insert/embed media icon and then selecting the Embed tab where I could paste in the iframe code. (I embed graphs from for my math students). With the New RCE I have to switch over to html view and try to figure out where I need to insert the code.

4) Inserting links to multiple assignments/pages/... seems to have gone from a 2 step process to a 5 step process since each time you create the link you have to go through all the drop down menus and find the files instead of having them in a pannel on the right side of the screen. 

5) When editing a page, the New RCE is sometimes automatically expanded to show all your content at once so that the tool bar is not on the screen and you have to do a lot of scrolling up and down just to use the tools to insert links and content. In the old RCE the editor was of a size that allowed for the tool bar to be always on the screen -- user could expand the window if they wanted. Is there a way to decrease the size of the New RCE so that the editing tool bar does not go off screen?

Overall I find the New RCA cumbersome, time consumming, and a significant down grade from the previous version. Any help in making it more friendly and usable like the old version would be really appreciated. (Note my institution did not make using the new editor optional)

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Community Coach

Hi  @mfulton1 ...

I'm not sure if you've seen this document, but you might want to check out Canvas Release: New Rich Content Editor.  I think that some other Community members are addressing some of the same concerns that you are.  I don't have answer for all your points, but...

  • For #2, you might want to check out this part of the conversation starting with Sean Smith and the replies that follow.
  • For #3, you can still do this.  Press the Alt+F9 keyboard combination to bring up the hidden text-based menu on the New RCE (this same keyboard combo worked in the old RCE, too).  Then choose "Insert" >> "Media...".  An "Insert/Edit Media" box will open.  Choose "Embed" from the options on the left side, and then paste in your embed code you harvested from your website.

I hope this will help, Morag.

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