Next button not showing up on pages in modules

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I have created modules for each week. I have created buttons for days of the week that links to the first assignment for that day. UP til now, everything that i have linked to has provided a next button at the bottom of the page to go to the next page in the module. 
Well, today I have linked to a page that is in the module and there is no next button. It is in order in the module, it is published in the module and in pages, and has not restrictions on it. But, no next button. 
Now if I click on tomorrow and click previous it will take me back to it. 
If I click on the page in the module itself it will have a next button. 
But, when I link the page to a button there is no next button even though it is in the module. 
Any thoughts? To me it seems like a glitch in canvas itself.