No Rubric Option with External Tools

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When I choose an external tool for an assignment (like, I am unable to create a rubric for the assignment. How do I add the rubric so I can still use the gradebook?

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Community Coach

Hello @bweiner ...

Yes...this is a common question here in the Community re: LTI external tools and Canvas rubrics.  What you need to do is to first create the assignment and the Canvas rubric like normal...not immediately selecting the External Tool such as Turnitin.  Once you have the assignment created and the rubric created (making sure to save both), go back to editing the assignment, and this time choose the External Tool option and then Turnitin.  After you save your changes to the assignment, Canvas will hide the Canvas rubric that you created, but you can still use it in the SpeedGrader for grading.  Also, did you know that Turnitin has their own built-in rubric interface that is sort of like a Canvas rubric?  You can build your rubric for the Turnitin assignment via the Turnitin interface, and then you can use it for grading.  When you grade via the Turnitin rubric, that score will be passed back to the Canvas Gradebook.  Just a thought for you in case you wanted to investigate that more.

Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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