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No Take Quiz Button

I created a quiz; however, I do not see the "take quiz button" in the student view. The course start date, due date (for quiz), and date available (to take quiz) are all blank. I have the course and quiz published. Thank you for your help!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @jsummary ​...

Here are a couple things to check:

  1. How many attempts of the quiz do you have set for this particular quiz?
  2. In Student View, what happens when you click on the button to reset student view?  (See the bottom of this Canvas Guide: How do I enable Student View?)  Can you take the quiz after you do that?

Please let us know so that we can continue to help troubleshoot this with you...thanks!

Community Member

Thank you for your response! Since it is a syllabus quiz, I have five

attempts. I reset the student view button. I decided to enter a new term

start date (today's date). However, in the quiz details it will not let me

use today's date as available. It says it is before my term starts, so it

won't unlock.

*Jennifer Summary, Ph.D. *

Assistant Professor of Communication

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This is happening on our system too.

We copied a course with its modules into a  new course, and while in the source course the Take the Quiz button appeared in the student view, in the copied course it does not appear at all.
I have tried publishing and unpublishing the course, the quiz, changing the quiz dates, even deleting the quiz from the module and re-inserting it, to no avail.

This is quickly turning into a BIG problem for our faculty.

Community Champion

 @jsummary ​,  @chofer ​, and  @gorcutt ​ - Lo and beyond, I just had a faculty member report the same thing a few days ago and I replicated the behavior!  Very annoying, because the faculty member was pretty positive--as I am--that it should not matter if the course was published yet or not for the Student View to work on a published Quiz without a Start date enabled.  In this faculty member's case, the 10-question quiz was drawn from a Question Bank with over 100 questions in it.   I tried EVERYTHING I could think of, including:  removing a duplicate question bank that was in the course somehow, deleting the original quiz and re-creating it from scratch.  My "solution" was found on our test server....and that was by publishing the course site, making it available to students.  That solved the issue, and I even "masqueraded" as a student on the Test server just to be 100% certain.  Something appears to be up.  Our faculty member filed a Support Ticket (I not have access to the number, since our IT department forwards them along), and I suggest you folks do the same.  This is an annoying issue, since--like many of us--I always recommend faculty try the Student View on a published quiz just to make sure things look right.

Community Participant

We also encounter the same problem in our Canvas platform.

This will happened when users tried to use the Student view to try out quizzes before the Official term start date.

The only possible work around at this moment is the user have to insert a Start and End date at the Course Setting to override the default dates which makes the "take the quiz" button appeared again in Student view.

As I remember this is not the normal practice with the Student view.

Hope this can be fixed soon.

Community Champion

I worked with a faculty member who was experiencing the same issue, and I found that we had to not only publish the course, but we also had to adjust the quiz due date, course start date, and also the section start date to finally be able to access and test quizzes.  Unfortunately, this also meant that it released the course to the students while the testing was being performed, which we did not want to do but found no other way around it.

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This question should not be "Assumed Answered!"  I am having the same problem and I DO NOT want to have to publish my Canvas site before my testing is complete!

 @dgb14a , have you considered doing all of the testing in your Canvas test or beta instance (log in to [yourschool]]? In the test instance, you should be able to make all sorts of changes in the test environment, including publishing the course for testing purposes, without consequences in the live instance. Please have a look at How do I access the Canvas beta environment?​ (The title says "beta," but it works for "test" as well.)

Community Champion

The question has been answered - the way to fix the issue is to publish the course.  As this is just the Canvas community, made up of Canvas users across the globe, we have little control over how Canvas is designed, and instead focus on how to best use Canvas.  Since the solution is counter to what what is desired, I'd suggest opening a ticket with Canvas support, outlining the issue and why this is bad, and also contacting your school's Instructure representative to see if anything can be done.  You can also submit a fix as a Canvas idea (Share Ideas ).