No scores appearing in Learning Mastery Gradebook?

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I'm working in my Sandbox, seeing if I can do something like standards based grading in Canvas. I have imported a list of outcomes that use 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 scores instead of the default. I make a New Quiz with one question that I assign to an outcome. I go to Student View and take the quiz. I leave Student View and grade the quiz with a score from 5 to 10. I can see the score in the Gradebook, but nothing in the Learning Mastery Gradebook for the assigned outcome. Does the score in the Learning Mastery gradebook come from the criteria for the outcome? 

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Outcomes can be aligned with rubrics or question banks.  If you want to score an outcome using a quiz you can include questions from question banks that have been aligned or attach a rubric which includes the outcome as a criteria.

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