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No student ID numbers, cannot set last name first in People list

the grade center allows for listing student names by LAST Name first. The PEOPLE list, which by its name makes little sense.  What kind of PEOPLE??  I thought they were students or USERS!!!

When I access the LIST OF PEOPLE (who are logically USERS or STUDENTS), I am unable to change to list to show LAST NAME, FIRST Name, in that order.  Not being able to list by last name first is clearly insane.
Also, on Blackboard I could see each USERS's university student ID number, which is critical when then searching other databases that ask for student ID.  When I access CANVAS, however,  there are no student ID numbers, only strange numbers that make little sense and that are of no use to me.  Can anyone explain this mess?  Are student ID numbers hidden somewhere or am I missing something?

Frustrated in Fresno

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Hi Frustrated,

It's not obvious at first, but the People field is sorted by last name, but there is no way to display it as Last Name, First Name (and for the record, I agree, this would be a nice option).

The ID number is institution specific. For our students, we populated the Login ID field with their school ID number, so they match. It depends on how your institution populated the Canvas rosters. If you have a way of checking with your IT department, that might be the better route to go.

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Hello,  @haralds ‌.

At the bottom of, you will find how to contact Canvas support at your school via email, phone, or in person. One fix you might want to suggest is that they give the teacher role the "SIS Data - read" permission. They might not be open to this suggestion, but I believe it might address your concern about student ID number. More info. about this permission is available on pp. 19-20 at

Best regards,