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Not able set up Google SSO/SAML login?

Hey everyone, 


When our school first set up Canvas, we decided against setting up the Google SSO and Gsuite SAML login initially. We set up students and teachers accounts with their school email (Google), and they log in from there. Now that we have our ducks in a row, we want to open up these separate login options. 

When adding them on the authentication page, I get different errors for each type. When trying to login with Google, I get: "Canvas does not have an account for this user: (email)". Is there something I am missing that is causing the link to not be made?

I'm not as worried about SAML, especially if we can just get the Google login to work. But when I try to login using this method, I get "There was a problem logging in at (school). You can try to login again." I am confident this was set up correctly on our end, as we use SAML for many other applications. 

We are having many students and staff forget their passwords, so we want the Google Sign In set up as quickly as possible before school starts. I'm just not sure what the missing link is. Any help is so very appreciated. 

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No answers from me as we are having a similar issue.   I'll sit tight and see if anyone has ideas to the question.

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I'm in the same boat. I ran some debugging in the Authentication section of Admin and saw that Google is passing valid information. What I've NEVER seen is specific instructions for setting up Google authentication (not SAML)?

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