Not receiving BBB recording in Canvas Conferences

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I have to conduct a 2.5 hrs lecture and 5hrs laboratory every Monday for my online classes. On our first meeting , I was able to record and receive a recording of the first 2.5 hours last Sept 15. But the rest of my classes Sept 15 and 21, I did not receive any recordings any more even if I had it in the settings and was very sure that I recorded the conferences. 

Is there a limit in the number of hours recording for every user? Can you help me with what to do so I will constantly receive recordings? These recordings will help those students to view our concluded conferences especially those who missed the class due to unstable Internet connection. Thank you for your help.

Maria Hedley A. Basco

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Hi @mhabasco thanks for your question. It seems that you aren't alone with this challenge.

Details on how to contact Blindside Networks (BBB) are here. 

Sing out if you need a hand. 

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