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Notability and canvas submissions issues?

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Our students are having a hard time submitting assignments from Notability directly into Canvas on their iPads.  Some students have the Canvas app to submit from their notability and some do not have the Canvas app option at all (not even in "more apps").  Some students that can submit are confused with the course selection to submit because past enrollments options are listed in their classes to select from their courses.  Can past courses be filtered so students only see their present courses?

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We are also having issues with the long list of assignments, and I think that Instructure needs to change that process in the iPad app. But for now, I have found one workaround. If you only publish the module that you are currently in, and unpublish the other modules, your students will only see the assignments in this current unit (module). It cuts down on the list size significantly.

Unfortunately, as we approach December exams, I'll want to publish the entire course's information, so this is hopefully only needed in the short-term, until Instructure can find a better process?

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We are still having issues as well!  We have students that go through the process of turning things in from notability and the student app says that they have successfully submitted, however, the teacher never gets the assignment.  So many issues this year!

 @jhough ,  @lfrancis1 ,  @crhyland , and  @BStutzman  - I think this would be an amazing new feature idea. It would be the perfect place to continue this discussion and share idea on how the process could be improved.

I completely agree.  I searched for one that might already be on there to build on but didn't see one.  I don't mind starting the idea.  I'll post a link to it when I'm finished.

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Awesome, thank you!!!

Jenny Hough

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We now have a screenrecorded case of a student turning in work to a math assignment and it landing in another class with the same timestamp and have opened a case - just a heads up that this may be more of an issue than just the long list of assignments.  Edited to add - we put in a support ticket on Friday that has been escalated, but no news yet.

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Yikes!  I hope you put in a support ticket for that.

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It's works properly in my turn i think  because of i used Notability in Windows Desktop I suggest you too.

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I completely agreed with you, I am facing the same issue while making an image of chandigarh university fee structure