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Notifications about comment in gradebook?

Hello all!

There answer may be here and I didn't see it, so my apologies, but I'm wondering if someone can assist me. I'm an instructor using Canvas -- is there a way to set notification for when I student might respond to my feedback in the gradebook? This never happened at the other college I teach at, but many of the students here respond to my gradebook feedback with important questions or comments, and unfortunately, I miss some of it. Any ideas? I didn't seem to see anything specific regarding that in the settings. Thank you very much!


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Hi @Hutchinson605

I don't see anything specific concerning gradebook comments either. I only can find information about assignment submissions. So, I would check to make sure that your notification settings are set the way you would like.   You can also check the 'Submission Comments' from the Inbox tool, they may be there. 

How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as an instructor? 

How do I reply to submission comments in the Inbox as an instructor?

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Thank you! @gnoack I appreciate your answer. You're right, it seems as though there isn't a direct response to this, but that's fine....I'll just have to make a note of it. Thanks again. 🙂