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Office 365 LTI links and copied Canvas courses

Can someone confirm or deny what my IT department just told me:

If I make links to files using the Canvas Office 365 LTI, then those links will no longer work when the course is copied over to a new semester and to new students.

I am having this trouble, greatly.  I can see the files but my students can't.  (and I can only see them in some browsers, but I will leave that until this thread is answered).

If this is true I am sorry to say the the Office 365 LTI is less than useless: it causes nightmares.

I would have to recreate my dozens and dozens of links in four separate courses every semester.  Just like starting over each time.  I'm in that position right now.  Spent all summer getting the Master ready.

Please tell me this isn't so and there is some magical way all my current links can be made to work.

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I found out how to avoid the broken O365 links problem:

DO NOT export then import your course, using the links on the Settings Page.

Instead, use "Import Existing Content" in your new section on the Homepage.  This preserves the O365 links intact.