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Open to Outside Users


I am curious if anyone has experience in creating "open" courses. We would like to create a course that faculty from other institutions could access -- not necessarily other Canvas institutions. I have suggested creating courses in the Public Domain and then those with non-shibbolized accounts can create a free Canvas account. Does anyone have any other, perhaps more protected/copyrighted, way of doing this?

Thank you so much!


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @sinman ​, have you thought about creating the course in the Canvas Network? The Canvas Network, "offers free online courses and classes from the world's leading universities," so the courses that are provided are MOOC's. I recently created a course that I'd like anyone (it was geared towards faculty) to be able to access and go through and made it as part of the Canvas Network. By doing this I could set my own copyright/permissions and my Institution gets their name (and mine) out to anyone that looks at the courses offered by the Canvas Network. It's a pretty nice deal and definitely might be something worth checking into.

 @kona ​,

Thank you for always answering my questions! I like the idea of putting something up on the Canvas Network; however, this course site would be more like a place for researchers to share resources and so forth and less like a MOOC. I'm really concerned with have *more* permissions, not less, as some files will be copyrighted. It looks like the only way to make the course open to those outside of the institution is to make it completely open.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Given the information you just provided, I think your original suggestion about creating the course in Free for Teachers and allowing people to sign-up there for your course would probably work the best. Good luck!