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Option to Display Email Address

Just to push one of my own agendas, is this feature anywhere on the map for this set of updates? 

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Community Champion

Our faculty regularly ask for access to the student email addresses as well.

Community Champion

Cool feedback. Thanks  @rake_9 ‌. We'll consider this for Phase 2.0 or beyond.

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Login ID vs. Email

I’d like clarification on a menu name under Student Name > Secondary Info. In the demo video, one of the menu options is “Login ID” but in my instance I see “School email address” instead. See screen shots below.

Demo video_ login ID   My instance_ email address

For our district, and many other colleges, Login ID is a unique username from our SIS (Banner). This is not an email address. The user’s email address is in a different field.  I assume that if you display the email address, it will be the user’s default email as shown in their account profile.

So adding to what  @rake_9  said, it would be great to display the following: Section, SIS ID, Login ID, and email.

BTW – Do you plan on displaying menu options in alphabetical order?

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 @Sylvia_Ami ‌ -I'm guessing that someone at your institution has done some javascript magic to make the default email address appear there.  I would be very interested in knowing what they did.  If what has been done in your instance continues to work in the new gradebook, we could maybe use the same magic as a work-around here.  As a rule, we are trying to avoid using javascript in Canvas, but that one might be worth it.

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As well as the people tool, at least for instructors.  If there are FERPA concerns, make this an account level settings so schools can make their own decisions about whether or not to expose email addresses to teachers and students,

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Agree this would be helpful for our teachers and admins as well

Community Team
Community Team

 @rake_9 ‌

I want to make sure you get an update on this thread.  This idea is not part of the current Gradebook scope, but it is something we will keep an eye on for future phases.