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Options for visually impaired students/low readers?

I am looking for solutions for visually impaired students and low readers.  They are using Canvas on the iPad.  What are others using to address these types of students?  I can use the accessibility feature for long pieces of text, but when I am using a quiz, it is awkward to have that read through accessibility/speech on the iPad. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Jeneen! I'll play around with accessibility on quizzes myself to see how it works, but are there some things that stand out to you specifically that really don't work well? Accessibility is very important to us, we want to help visually impaired users in any way!

Deactivated user​: Hi! Any updates on this question?


I did end up running through a quiz with VoiceOver, and it seemed to work pretty well! A number of things that visually impaired users come to find useful were there, such as headings and heading navigation. I think the awkwardness may come down to VoiceOver reading off long questions, which we can't do much about unfortunately. Did you ever get squared away here? Is there anything that you can think of that would make it better?

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 @jeneen_hill ‌ and Deactivated user‌ - You should be sure to join the‌ group here in the Community.  Lots of resources and (more importantly) smart minds out there.